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Community & Home Emergency/Defense Planning.

Building Prepared & Safer Communites

Duration: 2 hours Classroom



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This is a Custom tailored Course by GST workshop to help the Home owners/renters build home defense and community emergency action plans.  Lets face it the last couple of years has shown you can't always rely on Emergency Services to come to the rescue.  This seminar will cover Self, Home defense plans as well as Community planing, together this will help the people and thier communites be better prepared for Criminal events and Natural disasters.  

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Topics Covered

  • Rings of security
  • Hardening the Home
  • Tools/Weapons/Medical
  • Mindset
  • Food, Water, and sustainablitiy
  • Developing a Home Defense Plan
  • Community planning
  • Scheduling Neighborhood meetings

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Expectations and Outcomes

The information presented should lay a foundation for planing safer homes and better community.

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Seminars / Lectures

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Documentation Requirements

Proof of residence.

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notebook and pen or pencil.