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The AR-15 Days of Summer

Intermediate - Defensive Carbine Applications

Duration: 4 hours of range time

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This class is designed for the HOT days of Florida. Class length is only 4 hours so we can beat the heat before we cook like bacon on a hot AR Barrell. If you know the 4 Rules of Firearm Safety and can safely operate your rifle, then this class is for you. Come spend 4 hours refining your skill and building your AR techniques. This class is open to all adults 18 years old and up, class capacity is 10 students.


Training will include:

? Shooting on the move

? Proper use of cover and concealment

? Multiple target acquisition and engagement

? Pistol Transitions


Required Equipment:

? AR-15, or Carbine of your choosing

? 3 rifle magazines and magazine pouches

? 3 pistol magazines and magazine pouches

? Rifle Sling, 2 Point or Single Point. (NO HUNTING SLINGS)

? Ammo, 300 rounds of Rifle and 50 rounds of Pistol

? Drinks and Snacks

? Baseball Cap

? Eye and Ear Protection

? Tactical Belt or Concealed Carry is entirely up to you.

? Enclosed shoes (No flip flops, sandals or open toe shoes)

? Crew neck (T-shirt) or button up shirt (No low-cut neckline or tank tops)

? Shorts are permitted


Recommended Equipment:

? Gloves

? Sun Block

? Hand Towel


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Intermediate, Rifle