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Handgun 101

Whether you're a novice or experienced shooter, this course is for you. If you're wanting to learn the basics of handling and fundamentals of marksmanship, this course is for you.

Duration: 2 hours classroom

Fee: $35.00

Type(s): Basic, Virtual Simulation

Instructor: Guardian 7 - Salvador Castilleja View Bio target icon


This course was developed in order to enable you to learn the basics of loading / unloading, create confidence and learn the safe way to handle a handgun. Along with teaching you the basics of marksmanship, this course will teach you the difference between dominant eye, grip, stance, aiming and trigger control. The student will use a firearm simulator (lazer) pistol in order to demonstrate learned skills.

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Documentation Requirements

No documents required.

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Students may bring their own firearms, but not required. NO live ammunition will be allowed in the classroom. 

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Topics Covered

Safety Rules when handling a pistol
Eye dominance
Difference between single & double action revolvers
Semi-Automatic pistol
Loading & Unloading a pistol
How to handle malfuntions & jams

Fundamentals of shooting:
-Trigger Control
-Follow Through

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Expectations and Outcomes

To create confidence and learn the safe way to handle a handgun. No certificate will be issued.

Upcoming Classes

There are no upcoming classes scheduled for this course.