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NRA Range Safety Officer's Course

Becoming a certified NRA RSO is a very rewarding and extremely important job. You represent the face of the NRA and will meet many interesting people and gun enthusiasts along the way.

Duration: 6 hours classroom

Fee: $170.00

Type(s): Advanced, Basic, Instructor Coach Training Courses, NRA Courses, Other, Rifle, Scenario Based Training, Seminars / Lectures, Shotgun

Instructor: Guardian 7 - Salvador Castilleja View Bio target icon


You are directly responsible for overseeing all standard operating procedures on the range so it runs efficiently. Moreover, you are entrusted to maintain the safety of all patrons on the range, which requires extreme diligence from the moment the range flag flies to the moment the range doors are locked.

The NRA Range Safety Officer program was developed in response to the demand for a nationally recognized range safety officer certification. NRA Range Safety Officers are people who possess the knowledge, skills, and attitude essential to organizing, conducting, and supervising safe shooting activities and range operations.

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Documentation Requirements

NRA Range Safety Officers should be experienced shooters, involved in many aspects of target shooting, training, and range supervision. The NRA encourages active shooters to learn more and become responsible for the safety of fellow shooters through this program.

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No firearms are required. 

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Topics Covered

1. Introduction to the NRA Basic Range Safety Officer Course
2. The Role of the NRA Range Safety Officer and Range Standard Operating Procedures
3. Range Inspection and Range Rules
4. Range Safety Briefing
5. Emergency Procedures
6. Firearm Stoppages and Malfunctions
7. Test and Review

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Expectations and Outcomes

At the end of the course, the student will receive a rating as NRA Certified RSO; including course materials to assist the RSO in conducting range safety operations. 

Upcoming Classes

There are no upcoming classes scheduled for this course.