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Idaho Enhanced Conceal Carry Legal

Duration: 2 Hours



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We're excited to offer this incredibly important class.  So many have reached out with questions regarding the legal use of force due to recent events. Understandably, many are confused due to the lack of good information and most importantly, how it applies to you  - the law abiding citizen.  Whether you're looking to get your concealed carry, enhanced conceal carry, or just want to hear from an expert regarding the legal use of force this class is for you.

We've spent alot of time and energy and found a phenomenal resource with decades of real world experience to bring this class to you.  This 2 hour class will bring provide you with an in depth understanding of the laws as it applies to use of force, what you can and can't do, when you can or shouldn't engage and why. 

If you/re signed up for the IDS Level 2 class, please contact your training staff for instructions to register.  If you're new to IDS, this class is included as part of your training if you're on the ECWP training path - Get signed up today!  If you're not an IDS student - you are welcome to join us!  The instruction does qualify for the legal portion of the Idaho Enhanced Concealed Weapon permit and the instructor will be signing off at the end of the class.   

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Topics Covered

Legal aspects of concealed carry to include permissible location, private and public, use of force law, and permissible use of force in the context of a personal defense.

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Concealed Carry Training

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Documentation Requirements

The instructor requires a copy of your Government Issued ID once you register.

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Follow the link below to print off the Idaho's CONCEALED WEAPONS LICENSE TRAINING CERTIFICATE FORM
with you to the class.  At completion of the course, the instructor will complete the Legal Instruction portion of the form.  Please complete the top portion of the form with your personal information prior to arrival to the class.  

Students are required to sign in at the start of the class and must remain in the insruction area for the duration of the class to be eligible for completion of the Legal portion.  If for any reason, students my leave and miss any portion of the instruction they will be required to return and complete the class in full in the next available class.  No refunds will be provided, but; we will the follow up class will be at no charge.