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Concealed Carry Draw

Advanced - Learn the fundamentals of concealment, holster position, draw stroke, garment clearing and engagement

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Strong side, Appendix, Outside of the Waistband, Inside of the Waistband, Small of the Back, On body, off body, Ankle carry - all current carry options but what’s right for you and what’s the right technique for each?  This class is a perfect balance of theory and practice designed to help you build safe, and effective draw and deployment methodologies. Built on principles proven over time and used by our instructors daily.  Come join us and take your training to the next level for you and your family!

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Advanced, In Home Defense Training, NRA Courses, Scenario Based Training, Women's Only Courses

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Documentation Requirements

Level 1, and Level 1.5 required - class details required.

Please provide confirmation that you have the required equipment for the class.  Please confirm via email at least 72 hours prior to the start of the class.  Safety is our primary concern and we must ensure that all firearms, and gear meet the standards of performance required.

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Bring your defensive pistol and ammunition, a holster or case, magazines, sturdy belt, ball cap, eye protection, ear protection, water and snacks.  Expect to shoot a lot - bring 250-300 rounds of your favorite target ammunition.  Dress for the weather and safety.  Close toe shoes required, hiking boots, or tactical shoes/boots preferred.

This is a defensive pistol class, defensive caliber firarms required.  9MM or higher caliber.  If you are bringing a revolver, please notify the instructor in advance of the class.  No cowboy action pistols allowed.  

We recommend the following types of gear:

  • Kydex Outside of the waistband holster - no mechanical restains (Blackhawk Serpa II holsters are not allowed)

  • Kydex mag pouches

  • 3 Magazines

  • 1-1.5" sturdy belt

We do have firearms, and equipment to rent for the class.  Availability is based on first come first serve basis.  Rental Firearms are Glock or similar modern stryker fire pistols, with appropriate holster, magazines, mag pouches.  Students are required to supply their personal protection gear, and belts.