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TDS: Defensive Disruptive Environments


Duration: 6-8hr Out door Range



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JMI Training solutions is proud to announce our most intensive training class to date: Tactical Defensive Series (TDS): Defensive Disruptive Environments 103. 

DDE 103 is an expansive 6 hour course combining elements of our other TDS classes including both advanced defensive shooting techniques as well as training in and around vehicles both individually and as part of a small team.

The purpose of this class is to put a variety of skill to the test in a class that is more realistic and holistic than other environments. It is designed to allow students to apply their fundamental skills in realistic situations with minimal coaching and minimal repetition. The class may incorporate vehicle operations, CQB, and problem solving. All essential skills in surviving a gun fight.

This class is designed for students who have a firm grasp of their fundamentals and wish to pursue the next step in their training. It is highly recommended to have completed one other major training class before attempting DDE 103.

In interest of tailoring our training to a wide variety of students and potential defensive situations, we are allowing students to choose what weapon systems they can use to complete this course.

It is recommended you complete this course with both a primary and secondary weapon. The primary weapon can be either a rifle or pistol caliber carbine (PCC)/subgun (MP5, Scorpion, MPX, etc) as well as a traditional pistol. The course can be completed with a pistol alone if that is your preferred area of focus.


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Topics Covered

  • Deploying a rifle or PPC within and around a vehicle
  • Deploying a handgun within and around a vehicle
  • Communicating and working with other members in your unit
  • Understanding the use of cover and concealment
  • Shooting on the move
  • Transitioning from primary to secondary weapon system 
  • Basic battlefield tactics.

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Expectations and Outcomes

At the end of the training program the student will have a in-depth knowledge on how to employ multiple weapon systems in and around vehicles. The student will also understand the importance of working in a small unit setting and learning how to communicate with members of your unit.

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Advanced, Concealed Carry Training, Rifle, Scenario Based Training

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Documentation Requirements

Documentation that the student has attended either a defensive pistol or rifle course within the last two years. Active or retired law enforcement and military are exempt from this requirement.

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Rifle/PPC/Subgun (Any dependable semi-automatic rifle, PCC/subgun will work however we suggest a modern carbine such as an AR, AK or other similar platform. Subgun/PCCs include the MP5, Scorpion Evo, MPX etc)
Adjustable Rifle Sling (Two point recommended)
3 Rifle Magazines
Pistol (Any dependable handgun will work however a quality service sized automatic in 9mm, .40 or .45 is recommended)
Holster (A quality OWB holster with active retention, such as a Safariland, is recommended)
3 Pistol Magazines (6 if planning to run pistol only)
Gear to carry rifle and pistol magazines. (Belt or chest rig recommended. Standard clip on magazine holders acceptable)
Eye and Ear Protection (Electronic Ear Protection recommended)
Range Attire (Long pants, comfortable shirt, athletic/hiking/combat shoes/boots)
Elbow/knee pads or shooting pad (optional)
Water, snacks, sunscreen and appropriate inclement weather clothing
Firearms cleaning kit and quality lubrication (Recommended)

MINIMUM 300 RIFLE ROUNDS and 300 PISTOL ROUNDS (600 pistol rounds if using pistol only)