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Ballistic Lab 101


Duration: 4 Hr



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Topics Covered

Topics covered in this class include the following

  • Limitations of ammunition
  • materials ability to alter or stop ammunition
  • penetrating potential for ammunition
  • understanding what materials can be used as cover and what could be used as concealment

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Advanced, Scenario Based Training, Seminars / Lectures

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Documentation Requirements

This training course is designed for informational purposes only. During this course we will evaluate the performance and reaction of a variety types of ammunition. This testing will be conducted using common materials that are often found in everyday life.

We will test what the ballistic impact is on materials such as door frames, standard walls, glass and vehicle penetration. The results from these tests are not scientifically based and should not be used as concrete evidence. We are hoping the results of these tests give you a basic idea of the potential impact these rounds will have on the materials tested.

Students should bring ammunition that they typically carry and use on a regular basis for testing.

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Equipment Needed.

  • Handgun, rifle
  • 100 rounds of training ammo
  • 10 rounds duty grade ammunition that the student commonly uses.
  • Holster/sling for your weapon systems.
  • electronic your Pro
  • safety glasses