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Top 10 Drills

Intermediate - Handgun drills

Duration: 2-4 Hours

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Participants will shoot the "Top 10 Drills" presented in the Strategies and Standards for Defensive Handgun Training book. All drills will be shot for score. (Instead of the 90 round IDPA classifier, the 16x16x16 drill will be used as drill #10.)

The 2 hour short version does not include the Texas License To Carry 50 round shooting test.

The Level 2 version of Top 10 drills contains different (more difficult) drills.

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Topics Covered

Handgun drills

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Advanced, Intermediate

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Prerequisites: Prior training in drawing from a holster or completion of a pistol competition where drawing from a holster was required.

For Top 10 Drills Level 2 - completion of Beyond Basics or other performance handgun course is strongly recommended. 

Required Equipment: A handgun, belt holster, 300 (*250) rounds of ammunition, at least 2 magazines, magazine pouches, eye and ear protection.