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Basic Rifle Skills

Basic - Basic rifle marksmanship fundamentals

Duration: 6 Hours



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This course is a great first step in building your foundation for safe handling and operation of the modern sporting rifle.

Classroom and range time will provide a stress free, unintimidating atmosphere where we encourage all students to ask all and any questions they may have.

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Expectations and Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will:
  • Have an understanding of and describe basic firearm safety.
  • Have a basic understanding of operation of the modern sporting rifle, to include:
  • component identification
  • care and cleaning
  • loading/unloading and clearing. 
  • ?Shooting basics – the importance of proper grip, sight alignment, sight picture, stance, trigger control, and follow through
  • Rifle manipulation skills.
  • Zeroing procedures (iron sights, red dot optics, low powered variable optics)
  • Cover the types, components, and purposes of modern ammunition.
  • Safe carry, transport and storage

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Basic, Rifle

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Required Equipment:
  • Safe, Functioning Semi-Automatic Rifle. with Sling
  • 1-2 magazines ?
  • Magazine Pouch(es) OPTIONAL
  • Hat with brim
  • Eye Protection: wrap around style
  • Hearing Protection
  • Weather appropriate clothing, to include long pants and closed toe shoes. No flip-flops.?
  • 100 rounds of ammunition?
  • Loaner guns, magazines, holsters, safety glasses and hearing protection are available.

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