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The Explosive Threat

Intermediate - Terrorists and Active Shooters use bombs to increase their body count

Duration: 4 hours- 2 days depending on material covered



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Do some research on terrorist and active shooter events both domestically and worldwide.  There is a growing trend.  Terrorists and Active Shooters use bombs to increase their body count.

Did you know that majority of terrorist events that have occurred in the United States have been bombings?  Did you know that many of the more famous active shooter events also involved bombs?  This trend is only likely to increase as terrorists implement the expertise and tactics they have learned on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan.  In today’s ever-hostile environment, knowledge about explosive devices has become critical for both police officers and aware citizens.

The class will be a combination of lecture, video analysis, and group practical exercises.  You will see video of numerous actual bombing incidents for debriefing.  Additionally, video of individual detonations of each type of commonly-used explosive will be shown.  After the lecture/video de-brief we will conduct some group practical scenario training exercises (bomb searches and dealing with suicide bombers) to further reinforce the knowledge you’ve obtained.

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Topics Covered

In this 4-hour class you will learn about:

-          Basic explosive characteristics

-          Terrorist Bomb Designs

-          Improvised Explosive Devices

-          How to search a building or vehicle for bombs

-          Response tactics for dealing with a suicide bomber

-          A de-brief of recent terrorist bombing incidents

-          Safe standoff and evacuation distances

-          How active shooters add to their body count with bombs

-          How to recognize precursor chemicals used to make homemade bombs

-          How to avoid secondary devices

-          Tactics of the Terrorist Bomber

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