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11th Annual Paul Martin Preparedness Conference

Intermediate - "The Eleven"

Duration: 4-20 hours varies with registration option



Date Location Class Size Class Time Instructor Availability
Register Now January 4 Saturday
2 Day Class
4 - 20 Students 9a each day Paul Martin Space Available target icon


This conference will focus heavily on preparing for the various scenarios we read about in the news: growing talk of civil unrest and world war, increasing grid instability and longer response times from first responders.
Whether you are just getting started at becoming better prepared or have been prepping for years, we have tailored this conference to address current concerns and topics within the prepper community.
Our goal is to give you actionable guidance enabling you to take immediate action to improve your readiness.  Because of that:
  • These presentations will not be recorded.
  • There will be no virtual option. 
Seating is limited for these courses.  We cannot make the classroom any bigger.  It's imperative you sign up for this quickly, as last year's conference sold out in less than three weeks.
**Please note curriculum and topics are subject to change.**

When your news feed reports shortages at the grocery store or pharmacy, outages of power and water utilities, overwhelmed first responders or long lines at banks and home improvement stores due to fears over the next crisis, that is not the time to start preparing.

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Topics Covered

  • $150 for a half day ticket (Saturday only)
  • $300 for a full day Saturday ticket
  • $250 for a Sunday ticket
  • $550 for an all access pass
  • Saturday evening block is open to anyone who purchases a ticket of any kind

Saturday Morning
"Urban Defense Skills and Tactics" - Karl Rehn of KR Training
This 4 hour block covers skills and tactics relevant to individual and family defense in the home, around vehicles, and in crowded public gatherings. 
Home skills will focus on long gun and pistol skills, including armed movement in structures.  Vehicle and public skills will focus on concealed handgun (including purse, fanny pack and pocket gun) skills. 
Individuals who are not shooters or gun-carriers, who attend the Saturday morning session with family/friends that ARE armed citizens can attend this session for free.  Many drills will include opportunities to participate in exercises where the armed defender will need to direct their movement or come to their aid.  Use of pepper spray, impact weapons, and improvised weapons will also be incorporated and those skills can be learned/practiced by both the armed and unarmed student in this training block.
Saturday Afternoon
“Team Intrinsic Medic” - Caleb Causey of Lone Star Medics
This 4 hour block of instruction is an excerpt from the “Team Intrinsic Medic” course by Lone Star Medics.  This presentation will provide attendees with an outline of medical gear and medical skills required as their team/family’s designated “Team Medic” during a catastrophic event. 
The team medic is responsible for the team’s health and wellbeing during recovery of natural disasters, cyberattacks on infrastructure, violent invasions, civil unrest, or some form of collapsed society. 
Not every team may have the luxury of having a healthcare professional available to them on their team.  And not every healthcare professional has experience in field-like conditions, a tactical medical background, or worked in austere conditions with limited resources. 
You might be designated the Team Medic simply because you took a CPR class a while back.  This is where the Team Intrinsic Medic curriculum creates a strong baseline for either of those thrusted into this position. 
Saturday Evening
Night Operations - Cliff Cheadle of Third Coast Thermal and Paul Martin
As night vision equipment becomes more advanced and priced more competitively, those who would seek to harm you may be more likely to own it themselves.  Prepared citizens must understand the advantages and limitations of such equipment.
After a short classroom presentation at dusk, attendees will be able to try out various night vision equipment in real life conditions.
Paul Martin will be speaking all day Sunday on a variety of topics aimed at helping you rapidly prepare for current day threats.  The presentations are in classroom format, with occasional trips outside to see equipment operating in real time.
Topics to be covered include (subject to change):
  • Water purification without electricity
  • Drone operations and considerations for prepared citizens
  • Developing communication platforms for sharing information in grid down conditions
  • Preparing your vehicle for operating in crisis conditions
  • Considerations for preparing for the prospect of civil unrest, civil war and global conflict
  • Managing the "I'm coming to your house" crowd
  • Use of force decision making considerations
  • Best practices in acquiring medications
  • Developing your own prepper teams and think tanks
  • Paul's recommended list of gear and gadgets

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Expectations and Outcomes

 Conference attendees will leave with the knowledge necessary to rapidly improve their readiness for a wide variety of scenarios being discussed in main stream media.

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Intermediate, Church / Business - Safety / Security, Medical Other, Prepping and Survival Skills, Scenario Based Training, Seminars / Lectures, Specialty Other, Stop the Bleed, Tactical Casualty Care (TCCC / TECC)