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Duration: 4.5 Hours class room Saturday morning followed by range time



Jeff Sanders

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There are no upcoming classes scheduled for this course.

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This is the Texas LTC class, upon passing you will be licensed to carry.

Additional training is STONGLY recommended., no matter who you are, there is more you can learn that may save your life.

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Topics Covered

  • Laws that relate to weapons and the use of deadly force
  • Handgun use and safety, including use of restraint holsters and methods to ensure the secure carrying of openly carried handguns
  • Non-violent dispute resolution
  • Proper storage practices for handguns with an emphasis on storage practices that eliminate the possibility of accidental injury to a child
  • Mindset before and after the gunfight
  • Gun handling
  • Aftermath
  • Much more...

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Expectations and Outcomes

Upon successful completion you will be licensed to carry.

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Basic, CCW

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Documentation Requirements

Bring Drivers license with current address.

The instructor requires a copy of your Government Issued ID once you register.

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MUST have working electronic hearing protection.  ($26 at Walmart)
FIREARM eye protection, not just your glasses, or sunglasses
A handgun in good working order (if you don't have one, call me to make arrangements)
Bring 100 rounds (to fit the gun you bring) just in case, we should only use 50, but...
No low cut shirts.
Closed toed shoes.
Hat with a bill.

If you are unsure if you can pass the shooting portion of the test, select a 2 hour one on one with me BEFORE the class date and I will (almost) guarantee that you will pass.