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Pepper Spray Protection

Basic - Maximizing Safety with Pepper Spray

Duration: 3 hours classroom



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Having a plan is best accompanied by a way to defend yourself in the event avoidance is not an option. In the words of subject matter expert Chuck Haggard, “You’ve got to have something between a harsh word and a gun”. Many more defensive situations require a physical response rather than a deadly force response, and having a less lethal tool like OC spray gives a self-defender an option other than empty-handed self-defense.

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Topics Covered

Legal Aspects of carrying pepper spray
Knowing the different types of active ingredients in sprays
Different Effects of Pepper Spray
How to use pepper spray effectively and responsibly.

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Expectations and Outcomes

Each participant will receive:

  • Inert Practice Canister for at-home practice
  • A POM keychain pepper spray to take home
  • Certificate of Completion

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Basic, Scenario Based Training, Seminars / Lectures

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