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05/15 Concealed carry Class

Duration: 4 hours



Ryder Hefley

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Join us for this fun and interactive class that will fulfill the requirements to apply for your Arizona Concealed Carry permit. This 4 hour class will cover many of the legal aspects of carrying a concealed weapon in Arizona. At the end of the class you will recieve your class completion certificate, 2 completed fingerprint cards and your Arizona CCW application. You will also have everything needed to apply to the State of Arizona for a CCW permit except for the postage and $60 fee charged by the State of Arizona for your application. You will not get your permit at the class, the State of Arizona Dept of Public safety issues the permits.

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Topics Covered

Castle/Stand your ground law
Third person defense
Your CCW and onsite retailers
How to respond when interacting with Law Enforcement
and more!

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Concealed Carry Training, NRA Courses, Scenario Based Training