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Defensive Handgun

Basic - Foundational Proper Introduction to Concealed Carry and Defensive Shooting

Duration: 20-24 hours (10-12 hours classroom, 10-12 hours range)



Jason MacGregor

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BY APPOINTMENT ONLY (we are purposely driven to make your class as personalized for you as possible, therefore we onnly do small classes - generally 1-4 people at maximum with very rare exceptions given to already proficient groups of people).

Your personal course date is always scheduled on demand, as with all of our classes, in order to provide you with maximum flexibility. Contact us to schedule your course today! A non-refundable deposit of $100 is required at the time of scheduling your class. These classes may be rescheduled one time. I will do my best to accommodate you and your schedule.

This is not an NRA course. This is designed to be a foundational course, which I have found benefits you in a PROPER introduction to self defense. This course (or a passed test I will administer, demonstrating equivalent knowledge) is a prerequisite to go forward and take additional instruction from us, including advanced classes, one-on-one hourly instruction, or through our training group/network (referral/s to other instructors I know and trust to give you the best training and value). This class is what has been developed from experience and addresses the vast majority of potential issues that involve carrying a gun for self defense, and puts you far ahead of the curve compared to the many 4 and 8 hour "concealed carry" courses offered around the state of Colorado. Defensive Handgun is taught by an experienced instructor who will teach you:

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Topics Covered

  • The legal, moral and ethical decisions of carrying a weapon to defend yourself;
  • Colorado Revised Statutes (C.R.S.) pertinent to defending yourself, your family and/or a third party;
  • The politics of gun ownership, gun control and your Second Amendment rights; education in how to keep your Constitutional rights;
  • How to proceed after a situation during which you have had to use force to defend yourself, and combat mindset;
  • Force-related scenarios and practical decision-making based on the laws of Colorado (no one can possibly teach every possible scenario, but I can guide you in evaluating sample scenarios);
  • The importance of having a self-defense insurance policy in place should you have to use your weapon(s) to defend yourself, your family, or a third party;
  • Guidance in selecting the proper caliber, ammunition, holster, and carry method of your choice;
  • Presentation and shooting from the holster, using no concealment, then progressing to using concealment, maintaining strict safety and basic and advanced shooting skills.
  • Weapon malfunctions and reloads, "running the gun".
  • Live fire exercises and Colorado P.O.S.T. Qualification course of fire for final live fire evaluation
  • I will do my best to ensure that you are equipped to make the correct decisions in how to use your skills and training to avoid being charged criminally and/or sued civilly;
  • I stress the importance of continuing education through books, instruction through other instructors, and practical shooting events whether for competition or for recreation.

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Expectations and Outcomes

1.  The student will have accomplished the course content.

2.  The student will have a very good concept and realistic assessment of what is needed to be improved going into future training.

3.  The student will have the ability to intelligently discuss the topic of concealed carry with friends and family.

4.  The student will be able to recognize the safety and skill level of fellow shooters.

5.  The student will be able to have a good start to be able to successfully attend shooting competitions commensurate with performance and continued follow-up training on the range.

6.  The student will obtain a course completion certificate with course content listed on it which ensures being able to apply for your concealed carry permit.

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Advanced, Basic, Intermediate, Active Shooter Response Training, CCW, In Home Defense Training, LEO / MIL / SEC Courses, Scenario Based Training

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Documentation Requirements

1.  Concealed Carry License if you have it

2.  Proof of successfully passing NRA Basic Pistol or very similar course

The instructor requires a copy of your driver's license once you register.

The instructor requires a copy of your CCW permit once you register.

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  1. Come prepared with a lunch if possible, appropriate clothing to be outside for the Range Session, and (non-alcoholic) drinks at your discretion. If we are shooting at an indoor range I will arrange this and advise students accordingly.
  2. Our policy on loaded firearms in the classroom, is that if it shows up in a holster, it must stay in your holster. For Classroom Days: If you want to use a firearm in the classroom portion of the class, an instructor will check to ensure it is unloaded, if you forgot to unload, an instructor will unload it for you to ensure no negligent discharge/s occur. For Range Days: We will be starting the range day unloaded and will only be handling weapons under direction of instructor/s.
  3. Bring note-taking materials (pad, pen, pencil).
  4. Please bring a 3-ring binder, as I have a lot of handouts that are already 3-hole punched for your convenience and augments my instruction to you.
  5. Please bring a method of payment (check, cash, or credit card on-site - if paying by credit 2.75% will be added) unless you prepay - which is preferred, which if you do, please send a check to Rocky Mountain Law Enforcement FCU, 700 West 39th Ave Denver, CO 80216 payable to Jason MacGregor or MacGregor Specialties, LLC. A receipt will be given no later than start of class, once payment is confirmed.
  6. Come with an open mind and plenty of questions! Restrooms or at least places to relieve yourself inconspicuously, safety procedures, and all reasonable accommodations for environmental considerations, bathroom facilities can be expected to be handled.
  7. For NRA Pistol: Ammunition will be provided. For my (non-NRA) Pistol Classes: Please bring your handgun/s (if you already have one) and at least a minimum of 100 rounds (if you don't have a handgun, please bring at least 100 rounds .22cal long rifle Federal or Winchester factory loaded ammunition for NRA Basic Pistol and if you're taking Defensive Handgun bring at least 100 rounds of 9mm NATO, 9x19mm, or parabellum Winchester or Federal factory ammunition - do not bring reloaded ammo unless you are shooting it in your own firearm).