6. Bodyguard Certification


Duration: 50 hours



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The Bodyguard Program is a 5 days class designed for those security professionals who would like to have more knowledge, performance, and credibility. This program provides all you need to start or grow your career as a professional bodyguard.

Topics we cover; Advance Pistol, Protective Operation, Formations and Responsibility, Radio Communication, Arrivals and Departure, Motorcade Operations, Advances, Command Post Operation, Surveillance Detection, Mission Planning, and Attacks.

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Topics Covered

- Advance Pistol
- Protective Operation
- Formations and Responsibility
- Radio Communication
- Arrivals and Departure
- Motorcade Operations
- Advances
- Command Post Operation
- Surveillance Detection
- Mission Planning
- Attacks

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Advanced, Scenario Based Training, Security Training & Certification