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Multi-State MN Permit to Carry

Duration: 8:30-2:00 about 4 hours classroom



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This is an all inclusive premium class that exceeds the state requirements for a MN Permit to Carry a Pistol. The fee includes the classroom portion, the range time, targets, and gun rental if necessary. Currently, the MN Permit is recognized in 30 other states but if you need more, I can help you obtain a Florida non-resident permit.
This class is for everyone. If you are an experienced permit holder looking for a renewal class, I promise you’ll learn something new. If you’ve never held a handgun before, you will receive the instruction you need to be able to handle one safely in a comfortable, non-threatening environment. I can’t tell you how many students I’ve taught that maybe came to class a bit nervous, even apprehensive, only to leave shooting very well with a big confident smile.
The classroom and range are in a new, clean, state of the art training facility staffed by friendly, helpful range safety officers that will continue to help you when you come back for more practice.
The course material I use is the best there is. Far from just another boring Power Point, the materials are loaded with colorful, engaging, photos, illustrations and videos. Even if you have had no previous firearms experience, you will not feel like you are over your head and being left behind and you’ll have ample opportunities to ask questions.

In addition to handgun skills, this class is strong on situational awareness (how not to become a victim), on the legal issues surrounding the use of deadly force for self-defense (how not to become a victim of the legal system) and on the physiological effects (fight or flight mechanisms) your body and mind will experience during a potentially deadly force attack.

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Topics Covered

Where you will be able to confidently carry your gun.
When you can legally use your gun to defend yourself and your family.
How to safely carry, handle, store, load and unload your gun.
How to choose the right gun for you.
How to properly grip your gun for maximum control and accuracy.
How to avoid the fight if possible and how to win the fight if unavoidable.
The effects of the stress of an attack on your mind and body.
The importance of understanding self-defense law.
What to say during a 911 call and what to say to responding officers.
And much, much more!


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Expectations and Outcomes

At the end of the course, each successful student will receive a completion certificate that can be taken to your local Sheriff to apply for a MN Concealed Carry Permit.

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Is it really okay for someone with no experience with guns to take this class?

You bet. This class covers basic handgun safety and use. But it goes way beyond that. There is a lot more that you need to know about carrying a handgun than just shooting well though that is certainly important. That said, this is not an advanced pistol class. Everyone should seek additional training after they have their Permit to Carry.

What if I fail the class?

That’s unlikely. There is no written exam and expert marksmanship is not required. About the only way to fail would be to demonstrate an inability or unwillingness to follow the four universal safety rules.