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Defensive Carbine

Basic - Basics for Rifle Defense

Duration: 4 hours



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This class starts out with the fundamentals going in to the different distances to zero and why you might want one zero over the other. Then we will cover height over bore and why it’s important along with the different was to adjust of height over bore. During this and the rest of the class we well show and expect students to be working the safety on and off. After this first portion we will start by doing reloads with emergency vs. admin reload. Next is how to switch shoulders and why. Then to finish out the class we will be putting the using past skills to shoot on the move, and what is cover and how to use it.

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Topics Covered

    • Basic Zero and distances

    • Height over bore

    • Target acquisition/ safety manipulation

    • Reloads

    • Switching shoulders

    • Moving while shooting

    • Use of cover

    • Malfunctions clearing

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Expectations and Outcomes

The desired outcome of this class is to stay safe and give students the knowledge to run a rifle and better prepare then for future courses.

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Basic, Intermediate, In Home Defense Training, Rifle, Scenario Based Training

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    • A fighting Rifle

    • Safety gear (eye and ear pro)

    • Way to hold extra mags. (I.e. mag pouches, battle belt, duty belt, chest rig, etc.)

    • Minimum 300 rounds of rifle ammo

    • 3 Rifle mags minimum (more is always better)

      ADDITIONAL GEAR (optional)
    • A fighting pistol
    • A good quality holster

    • Minimum of 50 rounds of pistol ammo

    • 2 pistol mags (more is always better)