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Defensive Pistol and Carbine Combo

Duration: 8 Hours

Fee: $100.00

Type(s): Basic, Intermediate, Active Shooter Response Training, In Home Defense Training, Rifle, Scenario Based Training

Instructor: Mayday Training LLC - Mitchell May View Bio target icon


For students that want to take both defensive pistol and defensive rifle for a discounted rate.

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  1. You will need a reliable Handgun
  2. Belt
  3. Holster designed for your hand gun
  4. 500 rounds of ammo (minimum)
  5. A non-collapsible holster
  6. Enough magazines to hold 50 rounds
  7. Hearing and eye protection
  1. A fighting Rifle
  2. Safety gear (eye and ear pro)
  3. Way to hold extra mags. (I.e. mag pouches, battle belt, duty belt, chest rig, etc.
  4. Minimum 300 rounds of rifle ammo
  5. Rifle mags minimum (more is always better)
  6. A fighting pistol
  7. A good quality holster
  8. Minimum of 50 rounds of pistol ammo
  9. 2 pistol mags (more is always better)
  10. Water

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Topics Covered

Defensive Pistol (4 hours)

  1. Building a shooting platform
    1. Grip, Stance, Sight alignment, Sight picture, and Trigger press
  2. Basic use of force
  3. Gear discussion
  4. Drawing from a holster. Open or concealed
  5. Types of reloads
  6. Remedial action for firearm failures
  7. 10 or more drills that are designed to build skill
  8. 2019 FBI Shooting Qualification and Mayday Bulls-eye test 

Defensive Carbine
  1. Safety 
  2. Zeroing
  3. Height over bore
  4. Target acquisition/safety manipulation drills
  5. Reloads 
  6. Skill Drills 
  7. Work on switching shoulders.
  8. Moving while shooting 
  9. Use of cover

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