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Tactical Accuracy and Precision


Duration: 4 hours



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Tell me if this sounds familiar. You took your 8-hour concealed carry course as mandated by the government, but you still don’t feel like you’re a good enough shot with your pistol. Three hours on the range will satisfy the Michigan CPL training requirements, but it doesn’t make you a gunfighter by any stretch of the imagination. You still don’t know why your bullet group is always low, or why it’s always high or to the left or to the right. Join the club, because most people spend their whole lives throwing lead down range and never learn how to correctly shoot their pistol with tactical accuracy and precision. This class focuses on tactical rapid-fire accuracy at close range, but also pinpoint precision out to 75 feet. This 4-hour class will establish a baseline of knowledge that you will use for the rest of your shooting career. Since we hold this class indoors at Centershot Indoor Gun Range in Dorr, MI you’ll be able to focus on shooting in comfort no matter what the weather. Just remember: when the weather outside is frightful, the temperature at Centershot is always a perfect 70 degrees!

To take the class you will need the following:

---150 rounds of ammo

---Your carry pistol

---Eye and ear protection

---Two magazines

The cost of class is $75, and you must pay in advance for this class.

If you have questions contact Skip Coryell at:

269-838-5586 or skipcoryell@hotmail.com

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Topics Covered

  • Tactical Accuracy from 8 feet to 20 feet
  • Tactical precision out to 75 feet
  • Balance of speed and precision
  • Unsighted fire tips and tactics
  • Shooting under stress

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