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B - Concealed Carry & Home Defense


Duration: 3 hours classroom, 3-4 hours range



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This USCCA class will review the general knowledge of how to use a semi-automatic or revolver. We will cover the universal safety rules of gun handling. As well, this class will cover the working parts of a hand-gun and common self defense ammunition. You will learn the fundamentals of shooting and then apply those learned concepts on the range as you practice with live ammunition.

Now that you know how to safely handle your firearm, will take you to the next step toward defending yourself, your family and friends. We will start you down the path of becoming a responsible armed citizen. We will look at varies ways to carry concealed, all in preparation for taking your Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) permit training. 

We will discuss the designated topics but every class is different depending on the interests, knowledge and skill level of the students. We briefly cover and discuss use-of-force laws. This is NOT a CCW course. If you are interested in a CCW course, I am more than happy to direct you to a well-qualified instructor.

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Expectations and Outcomes

Upon seccessful completion of both the classroom and range portion, students will receive a Certificate of Completion.

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Basic, Intermediate, In Home Defense Training, USCCA Courses

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Documentation Requirements

The instructor requires a copy of your Government Issued ID once you register.

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Must be able to legally be in possession of a firearms in the state of California.

Range Attire
· Close Toed Shoes
· Brimmed Hat / visor
· V-neck shirts NOT recommended
· Eye Protection – prescription or sunglasses (I will have some available to borrow)
· Hearing Protection (I will have some available to borrow)
· Your own firearm
   o If you do not own a firearm contact your Instructor at least 5 days prior
· 300 rounds minimum of ammunition for each firearm
·Holster (IWB / OWB ONLY) and belt
·Dress for the weather


Open mind & willingness to learn