Marcius Rivas
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Marcius Rivas

BACKGROUND: Civilian, Instructor

18 Years Instructing

PH: 407 308 1718

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About Eagle Squad Training Corp

NRA Firearms Instructor, Security Officer and Statewide Firearm Licensed State of Florida, Shooting Instructor Certified By Federal and Brazilian Army.

With 18 years of experience Im allowed to teach from beginners to Advanced classes



Courses Taught

Concealed Carry Training, Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Rifle, Shotgun, Long Range Precision, NRA Courses, Active Shooter Response Training, In Home Defense Training, Scenario Based Training, Scenario Based Training (Simunitions, Man Marking Cartridge), Instructor Coach Training Courses, Seminars / Lectures, Security Training & Certification, Specialty Other certification icon


NRA Instructor ratings:

  • Pistol
  • Rifle
  • Shotgun
  • Refuse to be a Victm
  • Personal Protection In the home
  • Personal Protection Outside the Home
  • NRA CCW Instructor
Firearms Instructor certified by Federal Police in Brazil and Brazilian Army cancellation policy icon


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cancellation can be made by 24h before the Class

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Reeschedule may be acceptable according to the instructor schedulle and will be reviewed case by case

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50% refunds if canceled by 24h before the class
no refunds for cancellations after 24h before the class waiver icon review icon

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