Rescue 1

Bobby Miller

BACKGROUND: Former Military, Instructor, First Responder (Fire / EMS)

15 Years Instructing

PH: 405 209 9388

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Tactical Responder
"Combine good medicine with good tactics…
Intermediate, Active Shooter Response Training, Scenario Based Training (Simunitions, Man Marking Cartridge), Tactical Casualty Care (TCCC / TECC) Intermediate target icon

About Rescue 1

US Navy 1988- 1992
Damage control team member assigned to repair locker 7, completed 3 deployments overseas
- Military education 
- basic shipboard firefighting 
- aircraft firefighting 
- De-watering  damage control
- Advance shipboard firefighting 
- On scene leader
- FIre investigator
- Rescue/In Port fire party

Carney Fire Department  1993- 2013
Firefighter assigned to engine 1/Rescue 1
Technical rescue coordinator 
Training and Safety Captain 
Tactical medic 
-Fire service education 
Firefighter 1
National registry emergency medical responder 
HAZMAT Awareness 
Basic vehicle extraction 
Advance vehicle extraction 
Heavy Vehicle  rescue 
Swift water rescue I&Ii
Rope Rescue I,II,& III
Confined Space Rescue 
Trench Rescue 
National incident command
Emergency response to terrorism 
Emergency Service instructor I

Courses Taught

Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Active Shooter Response Training, Scenario Based Training, LEO / MIL / SEC Courses, Seminars / Lectures, Tactical Casualty Care (TCCC / TECC), Other certification icon


Firefighter I
National Registry Emergency Medical Responder 
Emergency Services instructor 
Basic 1st aid /cpr video icon