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Idaho Enhanced and Oregon CCW


Duration: 6 hours classroom, 2 hours range time



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This course meets all of the requirements for Idaho Enhanced and Oregon Concealed Carry Permits. Instruction includes methods of carrying, drawing from concealment, mindset and what to do after an incident. Legal instruction covering deadly force, state and federal laws, and more is provided by a POST Certified State Trooper.

This course also includes live-fire.

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Topics Covered

• Gun Safety Basics
• Idaho Self-Defense Laws & Use of Force
• Defensive Mindset Development
• Owning & Carrying a Concealed
Firearm Responsibilities
• Defensive Shooting & Self-Defense Firearm Basics
• Stages of Situational Awareness
• Ways to Avoid Confrontation
• And More…

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Advanced, Church / Business - Safety / Security, Concealed Carry Training, Private Classes (Group / Individual), USCCA Courses, Women's Only Courses

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Class details will be provided via email the week prior to the class.