USCCA Basic Pistol Fundamentals

Basic - This course is designed for anyone wanting to gain knowledge of firearms and home defense.

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The USCCA Basic Pistol Fundamentals Course is suitable for anyone who wants to learn the proper way to safely and responsibly use handguns.

Topics covered include: universal firearm safety rules, knowledge/skills/attitude required for firearm ownership,  firearm basics (pistol and revolver), what to look for when purchasing a firearm, shooting fundamentals, gear and gadgets, and basic/advanced skills. It includes classroom lecture and live fire on the range where you will have an opportunity to appply these shooting fundamentals.

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Topics Covered

We will cover

  • Checklists for home security
  • Rules and laws reguarding deadly force
  • Grip, sight alignment, and trigger control
  • Different types of concealed carry

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Expectations and Outcomes

At the end of this course you will recieve a certificate of completion. If you are planning to obtain a NYS concealed carry permit, make sure to submit a copy of the certificate with your application. 

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Basic, CCW, USCCA Courses

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Documentation Requirements

A valid NYS pistol permit is required for this class.

The instructor requires a copy of your driver's license once you register.

The instructor requires a copy of your CCW permit once you register.

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Live fire exercises will be conducted with pistols only.  Please leave your firearm unloaded, cased, and secured in your vehicle.  Leave all ammunition in your vehicle or in specified areas until instructed otherwise. You will need about 200 rounds of factory target ammunition rated under 1300 fps.  NO RELOADS!

Eye protection and hearing protection are required. Electronic hearing protection is preferred but any protection that provides proper coverage can be used. 

Long pants, closed shoes and properly fitting shirts should be worn. A brimmed hat is preferred if needed but not required. Dress appropriately for the weather.

Please bring your own drinks and snacks for the day.

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