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NRA Instructor CCW


Duration: 16 hrs (Part I NRA Basic Instructor - 6 hrs/Part II NRA Instructor CCW - 10 hrs)



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Part I: NRA Basic Instructor Training is designed to develop individuals who possess the knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary to conduct the NRA Basic Firearm Training Courses. It is the NRA class that helps people who already have subject matter expertise learn how to hold a class the NRA way so that their students earn recognized NRA certification.

This course teaches you the policies and procedures for becoming an NRA instructor as well as effective teaching methods for training students. Basic Instructor Training is a pre-requisite for all instructor level courses.

To be certified as an NRA Instructor, students must complete this 6-hour course that teaches material common to all NRA courses. This course does not certify the instructor candidate to teach any NRA courses. Additional discipline-specific instructor training is required to certify instructor candidates to teach specific courses.

Special Note for Current Instructors adding a rating: When adding ratings, instructors may be required to attend another Basic Instructor Training (BIT) Course if they have not completed that course within the previous 2 years.

Please remember NRA Instructor Courses are performance-based courses, Instructor Candidates must possess the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary for this level of training. You do not pay and automatically pass Instructor training. You pay to have the opportunity to pass. You demonstrate your qualifications through the Pre-Course Qualification tests associated with the specific discipline.

Part II: Teaches the basic knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to teach the NRA Basic CCW course on how to carry a concealed pistol for personal defense. The NRA Instructor CCW course is intended for all individuals that have completed the NRA Basic CCW Course. This NRA Instructor CCW course gives you direct instruction from an NRA-certified Training Counselor from beginning to end and may be conducted in a classroom and on a shooting range with Training Counselor.

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Topics Covered

As a result of participating in this course, the Instructor Candidate will be able to explain and demonstrate the following: How to apply the NRA Rules for Safe Gun Handling when carrying a concealed firearm, basic principles of concealment, the difference between cover and concealment, drawing from the holster, levels of mental awareness, developing the proper mindset when using a pistol for personal defense, clearing common stoppages, and more. This course is only conducted by NRA Certified CCW Training Counselors.

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Expectations and Outcomes

Instructor Candidates will demonstrate organizational and teaching skills via participation in practical exercises during the course, and must pass a written instructor certification examination. Additionally, the Instructor Candidates must pass the CCW Instructor Level shooting qualification Course of Fire.

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