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Basic Handgun Training

Basic - A great opportunity for new and potential gun owners to learn the fundamentals of handgun operations.

Duration: 2 hours class, 2 hours range time



George Brown

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Date Location Class Size Class Time Instructor Available Spaces
Register Now December 4 Saturday
Houston, TX
1 - 5 Students 3p-7p George Brown 5 Spaces Left
Register Now December 18 Saturday
Houston, TX
1 - 5 Students 900a-1p George Brown 5 Spaces Left target icon


This course is designed to educate students on the basic principles of handgun operations (Grip, Stance, Sight Picture, Sight Alignment, Trigger Control and Breathing); along with the Firearm Safety Rules:
1. Guns Are Always Loaded!
2. Never Let The Muzzle Cover Anything You Are Not Willing To Destroy!
3. Keep Your Finger Off The Trigger Till Your Sights Are On The Target!
4. Know Your Target, What's Behind It, Around It, Because You Own It!

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Topics Covered

Handgun Shooting Fundamentals
Practice (Dry-Firing, Range Time, etc.)

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Basic, USCCA Courses

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50 FMJ of handgun's recommended caliber.
Eye and Ear Protection
Baseball Cap