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Self Defense Pistol 1

Intermediate - Take you basic skills to self defense levels

Duration: 8 hours



Date Location Class Size Class Time Instructor Availability
Register Now July 20 Saturday
Wallingord, CT
1 - 10 Students 8:30 to 4:30 Frank Scirpo Space Available
Register Now October 20 Sunday
Wallingord, CT
1 - 10 Students 08:30 to 4:30 Frank Scirpo Space Available target icon


Fighting Pistol 1 is for individuals who have a basic knowledge of their semi-automatic handgun. That means you should know how to load and unload, reload, use your safety, and use your optic and iron sights, as well as shoot well. This class is designed to cover civilian use, patrol officer use, or tactical team member use of a semi-automatic handgun for self defense. This means if you want to come with a single magazine carrier or your duty or civilian gunbelt or chest mounted carrier system you can.

The course will cover using a pistol for self defense and offensive use. Topics covered include. applying the fundamentals of shooting for self defense. the draw, presentation to target, reloads, malfunction clearance techniques, multiple round engagements, multiple targets, transitioning your speed based on the target and what it needs, barricade use, movement.

I have twenty plus years instructing professionals and civilians in the use of firearms. I have specialized in the self-defense use and recreational use of firearms. I have carried a handgun since I was eighteen years old and I carried firearms as a police officer for twenty one years. I have thousands of hours instructing police, civilians, and military folks. I also have hundreds of hours as a student.

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Intermediate, Concealed Carry Training

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Documentation Requirements

Please email mne your State issued identification, ie drivers license and if your State issues a firearms permit please email that as well.

The instructor requires a copy of your Government Issued ID once you register.

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Required Gear
• Semi-automatic handgun.
- should be medium frame or larger.
• 550 rds ammunition
• Good quality holster
- holster must be at least friction fit. You should be able to turn your holster upside down and your gun should not fall out.
- Acceptable styles: AIWB, IWB, pancake, overt beltslide, thigh holster,
- No shoulder holsters, cross draw holsters, and no Blackhawk Serpa holsters.
• 4 magazines or more
• Magazine carrier, pocket style carrier, belt mounted, IWB are all acceptable. Two would be preferred.
• Sturdy belt
• Eye pro
• Ear pro - electronic preferred.
• Note taking material
- chair
- clothing appropriate for the weather. Closed to shoes.

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