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Constitutional Defense

Intermediate - You have your CFP, now it's time to start sharpening your skills!

Duration: 3 hours. 90 minutes skill building and 90 minutes hands on simulator



Date Location Class Size Class Time Instructor Availability
Register Now March 9 Saturday
Cedar City, UT
3 - 6 Students 1PM - 4PM Gordon Clemmer Space Available target icon


You have your State of Utah CFP, but is that enough?  This class starts getting you beyond the basics

We'll start by diving into The Bill of Rights and what was the "original intent" of our founders.  Then you'll learn some of the tactics taught to police officers throughout our nation.

  • Tactical breathing and how it may save your life
  • Situational awareness and how to avoid Condition Black
  • Avoiding patterns
  • The dangers of complacency 
  • Live Fire Range Commands
Finally, you'll get some trigger time on our shooting simulator.  Challenging shooting drills, designed to make you a better shooter.

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Topics Covered

  • The Bill of Rights and the 2nd Amendment 
  • Situational Awareness
  • Tactical/Combat Breathing
  • Range Commands

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Expectations and Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, you will have a better understanding of the founding principles of the 2nd Amendment.  

The meaning and importance of situational awareness.

How something as routine as breathing, may save your life!

You'll learn critical range commands and course of fire guidelines, to prepare you for live fire training. 

You will sharpen your firearms skill and accuracy, by utilizing our simulator and laser training weapons.

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Intermediate, Church / Business - Safety / Security, Concealed Carry License, Concealed Carry Training, Constitutional Carry, In Home Defense Training, Legal Aspects for Use of Force / Avoidance, Prepping and Survival Skills, Private Classes (Group / Individual), Seminars / Lectures, Virtual Simulation

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Documentation Requirements

Only students who have a valid Concealed Firearms Permit (CFP) are allowed to take this course.

"But, Utah is a Constitutional Carry State!  Why do I need a permit?"

It's simple.  I am teaching techniques I would not want a "restricted person" to know.  The only way I can confirm you are not a restricted person is by assuring you have a valid CFP.

The instructor requires a copy of your Concealed Carry Weapons permit once you register.

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Please leave all firearms either at home or safely locked in your vehicle.  We will be using simulated training weapons and it is important to ensure no live firearms are in the classroom.

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