Personal Protection Confident Carry

Steve Sandahl

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12 Years Instructing

PH: 402-740-9119

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Arizona CCW Basic Class
All students will qualify for an Arizona…
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About Personal Protection Confident Carry

Over 40 years of training experiense and management. The past 12 years I have focused on firearms training to qualify students to obtain their Concealed Carry Permit in Missouri for 5 years and now in Arizona for the past 7 years. My classes to date have been over 475 students.

My commitment to firearms training is to give my students the best knowledge I can provide through both the NRA and USCCA trainging programs.

In addition to basic pistol and Concealed Carry/Home defense, I concetrated on defensive shooting for both home defense and shooting in public. 

I keep my classes small so I can spend quality time with each student and will continue to support students after they have completed my class.

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NRA Basic Pistol Phase II and Refuse to be a victim.

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