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Joe Cellucci

BACKGROUND: Civilian, Military, Former Military, Law Enforcement, Former Law Enforcement, Instructor, First Responder (Fire / EMS), Gov’t Employee / Contractor

20 Years Instructing

PH: 910 795 9352

Available Courses

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Basic Pistol
New Shooter Basic Pistol
Basic Basic
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North Carolina Conceal Carry
Conceal Carry Hand Gun
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About Port City Outdoors/Personal Defense Training Institute

Personal Defense Training Institute's goal is to empower you by developing the mindset and skills you need to protect yourself and others. We will help you improve your situational awareness, assertiveness, and tactical skills while providing a safe environment to practice defensive techniques. PDTI's training courses develop the way you think about violence prevention, help you perform under stress, and enable you to feel more confident in your life.  we also instruct CPR AED FIRST AID and Stop the Bleed courses, for both health care providers and the general public, 

Courses Taught

CCW, Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Rifle, Shotgun, Long Range Precision, NRA Courses, Active Shooter Response Training, In Home Defense Training, Scenario Based Training, Women's Only Courses, Instructor Training Courses, Instructor Coach Training Courses, LEO / MIL / SEC Courses, Virtual Simulation, Seminars / Lectures, Tactical Casualty Care (TCCC / TECC), Security Training & Certification, Combatives / Less Lethal, Other

Class Instructors

Bob Morschauser

Bob Morschauser

Connie Vanghn

Connie Vanghn

Jim Lloyd

Jim Lloyd

Melissa Cellucci

Melissa Cellucci

Steve Jorjorian

Steve Jorjorian

Tim Gordon

Tim Gordon

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Our Instructors care about our students, we are a complete training site, with a passion for instrucing students, we have a vast amount instructors and new ones coming on, that bring all types of education and develpment to pass on to you, we are also a full line Gun store as well along with gunsmithing and advance cleaning, we carry a full line of amunation firearms and clothing, and tactical gear, we are the only training center that has a shoot no shoot simulator on site. 

NRA-Certified Chief Range Safety Officer
NRA-Certified Instructor Trainer
NRA-Certified Basic Pistol Instructor
NRA-Certified Rifle Instructor
NRA-Certified Shotgun Instructor
NC Concealed Carry Instructor
Weapons Retention Instructor
Weapons Instructor (LE and DOC)
NRA-Certified Trainer for Protection In the Home and Out of the Home
CPR AED First Aid Instructor
Stop the Bleed  Instructor

(Advanced Medical Life Support), 
(Prehospital Trauma Life Support), 
(Tactical Emergence Casualty Care), 
GEMS (Geriatric Emergency Care EMS Safety). 
Critical Care Paramedic
Certified Flight Paramedic 
Certified Law Enforcment officer.
Certified Department of correction CERT Officer 
Arson Investigator
NASCAR fire safety instructor

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Cancellation Policy

Full refund if cancealed within 7 days off class. If PCO/PDTI canceals due to lack of student sign up or weather, we will reschedule you at your convenience..

Reschedule Policy

can reschedule 1 time

Refund Policy

Full Reund if cancealled within 7 days of class day.

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well be provided on class day

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  • Melissa Demonstrates the Shooting Simulator

    The Simulator is open on a hourly rate but all CCH student receive a free 30min voucher.