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Concealed Carry and GA Gun Laws Seminar

Learn the GA Laws regarding ownership, concealed carry and Legal Use of Firearms.

Duration: 3-4 hour classroom only



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The Gun Laws and Use of Force Seminar is for individuals who want to learn about gun laws within the State of Georgia, how they can affect you as a gun owner, what the term “Use of Force Continuum” means, and how to stay within the legal limits. Learn this and more from Lawyers and Law Enforcement Officers.

Join us for an evening of learning. January 29 at 5:30pm we are hosting a Concealed Carry and Georgia Gun Laws course. This course is designed to provide information on not only how to apply for your Georgia Weapons Carry License, but also the laws in the State of Georgia that cover when and where you can carry a weapon, what laws and rules govern use of force up to and including deadly force. What can you do to protect yourself, and how to react with Law Enforcement either after a critical dynamic incident or out on the streets, in stores, etc.
Cost is $100 per person
(add additional family member for $50 each- contact us for this special)

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Topics Covered

  • Georgia gun laws
    • Where and when you can and cannot legally possess a firearm.
  • Laws (and general rules) regarding use of force, up to the use of lethal/deadly force
  • When you are legally allowed to use a firearm
  • Weapons Carry License vs No Weapons Carry License
    • Where can you and can’t you go and do.
  • License Requirements and Procedures (CCW - GAWCL)
  • Practical information to keep you on the right side of the law. § How to apply and requirements.
  • What happens after a self-defense critical incident or shooting?
    • Legal ramifications of self-defense incident or shooting.
    • Civil ramifications of a self-defense incident or shooting.
    • What do you say, who do you call? § What are your rights?
    • What not to say.
  • Interaction with Law Enforcement Officers
    • Clear explanations that separate myth from reality.
    • “Terry Stop” vs Critical Incident Situation (self-defense incident)
  • Q&A and more...

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Expectations and Outcomes

Students will leave with clear understanding of GA Firearms Laws, Use of Deadly Force, and how to interact with Law Enforcement Officers. 

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Concealed Carry Training, Seminars / Lectures, Specialty Other, USCCA Courses

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