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Pistolcraft 101

Basic - Take the next step in the journey towards an armed and safe lifestyle

Duration: 3 hours range time



Date Location Class Size Class Time Instructor Availability
Register Now April 1 Saturday
Naples, FL
2 - 12 Students 9am to 12pm Kevin Creighton Space Available
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These days, personal defense is the #1 reason why people buy guns. A gun and a concealed carry license by themselves, however, doesn't provide you any protection anymore than buying a guitar and some sheet music provides musical talent. This class covers the essentials of using a pistol to defend yourself as you live your everyday life. 

We keep this three-hour class small (just six students) in order to maximize the 1-1 training opportunities. The instruction is focused on helping you make the transition from being just a gun owner to someone who has the skills and confidence to defend what is most important in your life.

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Topics Covered

This class is designed to show people how to make the transition from just have a piece of paper that says you MAY carry a defensive firearm with you to someone who has the skills and confidence to carry on a regular basis. 

Topics covered will include:

  • How to get your gun into the fight as fast as possible 
  • Safe use of a holster 
  • The use of a pistol as a defensive firearm
  • Making the shot on-demand
  • Advanced accuracy techniques

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The prerequisites for this class are 

  • The successful completion of a Florida Concealed Carry course
Gear Requirements 
  • A pistol (.380 ACP or larger caliber)
  • At least two magazines for your pistol 
  • 200 rounds of FMJ practice ammo
  • An Outside the Waistband (OWB) holster. If you do not have one, this holster fits most compact semi-automatic pistols and will do the job for this class. Please do not bring a Blackhawk Serpa or a soft nylon holster to class. If you have any questions about gear, email me at kevin@quietlyarmed.com
  • A magazine pouch to store an extra magazine. If you do not have a magazine pouch, this model will expand to fit just about anything out there. 
  • Eye protection, ear protection 
  • Water, bug spray, sunscreen