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Austin Conrad

BACKGROUND: Civilian, Law Enforcement, Instructor

8 Years Instructing

PH: 336 407 4790

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Concealed Carry Skilled BUilder
Basic, CCW Basic
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Defensive Pistol
Intermediate, Advanced Intermediate
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NC Concealed Handgun Certification
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Pistol 1 (Ladies Only)
Basic Basic
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Private Instruction
Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, CCW, Rifle, Shotgun, Seminars / Lectures Basic
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SRO Pistol
Intermediate, Advanced, LEO / MIL / SEC Courses Intermediate
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About Rapid Defense Solutions LLC

My name is Austin Conrad. I have been a lifelong shooter, hunter, and avid outdoorsman.  With my father being a competitive shooter and introducing me to shooting at a young age, being a Firearms Instructor was a natural progression.

I have been instructing shooters for a total of nearly 8 years.  I started firearms instructing in the Boy Scouts where I instructed scouts in Shotgun Shooting.  Hundreds of scouts came through our shotgun shooting program.  We successfully instructed them from a basic level of shotgun shooting to a more advanced "wobble trap" stand.

I then began my career in Law Enforcement in 2012. This launched my desire to shoot and train with pistol, rifle, and shotguns.  I later became a North Carolina Law Enforcement Firearms instructor.  I am also a North Carolina Concealed Handgun Instructor and a Certified Smith and Wesson Armorer for the AR-15.

I opened my training business, Rapid Defense Solution LLC in 2021.  My mission with Rapid Defense Solutions is to push education, safety, and training.  I want firearms to be a normalized part of society with an emphasis on safe gun handling.

I offer classes that specialize in self-defense and everyday practical application of lethal and less-lethal force.  I have extensive experience in defensive tactics and apply a common-sense approach to concealed carry and self-defense.

Courses Taught

CCW, Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Rifle, Shotgun, NRA Courses, In Home Defense Training, Women's Only Courses

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NC Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor.

NC CCH Instructor

S&W AR-15 Armorer

US LAw Shield 2A Partner

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Cancellation Policy

Cancelations are allowed.  Please note this is different than a "no-show".  If you contact Rapid Defense Solutions prior to the class beginning, we will work with you to either refund you the money or reschedule you for a different class.

If no contact is made and you do not attend the class, no refund will be allowed but you will be allowed to reschedule.

Contact us at rapiddefensesolutions@gmail.com

Reschedule Policy

Rapid Defense Solutions will allow a student to reschedule.  If you are unable to attend a class but would like to reschedule, contact rapiddefensesolutions@gmail.com to reschedule.

Refund Policy

A refund will be allowed if you contact Rapid Defense Solutions prior to the scheduled class beginning.  If no contact is made prior to the class, a refund will not be allowed but the attendee will be allowed to reschedule.  Please contact us at rapiddefensesolutions@gmail.com if a cancelation/refund is needed.

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Firearms Training Waiver, Release and Indemnity Agreement

All those who wish to train with us in any capacity must fill out this form in its entirety. All information provided will be kept confidential, and won’t be distributed to others for any purpose.

Personal Confidential Information:

First Name: ____________________________Last Name: ______________________________________

Date of Birth: _______________________Driver’s License/ID # _________________________________

State of Issue: _______ Home/Cell Phone: _____________________________________

Email: _______________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________

City: ______________________________ State: ________ Zip: __________

Emergency Contact: ___________________________________________Relation: _________________

Emergency Contact Telephone: ___________________________________________________________

List any previous firearms training and/or certifications: ____________________________________________________________________________________

Initial Assumption of Risk: I, (Print Name)__________________________________ hereby release the Company, Facility, its member entities, owners, employees, officers, directors, volunteers, instructors, guests, agents, and affiliates from all liability for personal injury or property damage through use, in any way, of the facility, its equipment, its firearms, or my own firearm. I agree to indemnify the Company from responsibility for any claims or demands arising out of such use. I agree to accept and assume any and all risks existing at Salem Chapel Fire Department 8400 Walnut Cove Rd. Walnut Cove, NC or Mickey Watson property 861 Fowler Rd. Walnut Cove, NC of any other property or facility both public and private used for or during firearms training conducted by Austin B. Conrad. I acknowledge and understand that shooting activities are hazardous and involve risks both known and unanticipated. I agree to assume all responsibility of these risks, which could result in damage to property and serious physical or emotional injury, including paralysis or death, to others or myself. Possible known and unknown injuries may include, but are not limited to: being shot or injured in any manner by myself or others, shooting others, partial or total loss of eyesight or hearing, burns, amputation, inhalation or other harmful contact with lead or contaminants, being struck by flying or falling debris or projectiles, disability, and death. I agree to assume all liability for any act, acts, or omission to act, even any negligent, reckless, or criminal act by any other or myself.

Initial Release and Indemnification: I agree that myself and my heirs, guardians, representatives, successors, that myself, and assigns release and forever discharge and agree not to sue the Company officers, directors, instructors, attorneys, agents, employees, contractors, volunteers, and guests. I release and discharge these same parties for any and all claims, demands, damages, expenses, causes of action, attachments of property, or liability of any kind whatsoever that I may have for property damage, personal injury, or death resulting from my entering the premises, using the facilities or equipment, or engaging in or observing shooting and other activities at during the course of training, even if such claims, demands, damages, expenses, causes of action, attachments of property, or liability result from any acts of the Company, even any negligent act or omission to act including negligent or omitted first-aid or rescue operations or procedures.

Further, I agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the Company, for any and all claims, damages, demands, causes of action, expenses, attachments of property, attorneys’ fees, court costs, or liability of any kind that any person or entity may have for property damage, personal injury, or death resulting from my entering the premises, using any facilities or equipment, or engaging in or observing shooting and other activities in during training, to the extent that such claims, damages, demands, causes of action, expenses, attachments of property, attorneys’ fees, court costs, or liability result partially or wholly from any negligent act of participant, or any act that would subject participant to strict liability.

Initial Medical Certification: I certify that I have no medical or physical conditions that could compromise my safety and the safety of others in any activities at the Effective Firearms Training facility. I certify that I have adequate insurance to cover any injury or damage I may cause or suffer, or else I agree to personally bear the costs of such injury or damage.

Initial Other Rules: I agree to abide by all written, video, and verbal safety rules issued by the training instructors, staff, or Range Safety Officers, and to supply my own safety equipment.

Initial Definition of Firearm: For the purposes of this Agreement, a firearm is defined as any pistol/handgun, rifle, shotgun and/or machine gun or device of any description or design whether single shot, semiautomatic or fully automatic which discharges a projectile by the use of gunpowder or compressed air.

This Waiver and Release and Indemnity Agreement is governed by the laws of the State of North Carolina. I have fully and carefully read this Waiver, Release and Indemnity Agreement and understand its contents. I am aware that this is a release from liability and indemnification agreement and a contract between the Company/Instructors and myself and that it imposes limitations to my legal rights. I sign it of my own free will. I certify that I will not operate any firearms or equipment with which I am not completely familiar. I also consent to be financially responsible for and reimburse for any shooting that causes damage.

Sign: ________________________________________ Date: ______________________

Print: ________________________________________

If participant is under the age of 18 years old, a parent or legal guardian must also initial each section and, along with the participant, sign below.

Sign: _______________________________________ Date: ______________________

Print: _______________________________________

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