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Carbine/Rifle-2: Advanced

Advanced - Prerequisites: Carbine/Rifle-1

Duration: 8 to 10 hours



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This course is a full-day class. First, we will go through strong side weapon handling and shooting. Then we will get you proficient handling and shooting your weapon from your weak side. By the end of the day, you will be operating as a shooter-pair and you will clearly understand why you must be able to shoot from your weak side.

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Topics Covered

  • Review of
    • Tactical reloading
    • Combat reloading
    • Weapon malfunctions
    • Shooting Fundamental Improvement
  • Cover multiple target engagement
  • Room clearing
  • Threat reaction
  • Active Shooter scenarios

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Expectations and Outcomes

  • Improved Shooting Fundamentals and Handling
  • Ability to engage multiple targets
  • Improved threat reactions
  • Ability to clear rooms safely
  • Ability to apply above skills in Active Shooter scenarios

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Documentation Requirements

Review ARS 4 and 31: Pre-Course Reading at top of Training Courses Page on the RATH-Defense website.

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