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Scout Tracker

Duration: 6 days, 8 to 10hrs per day



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The Scout Tracker Course is a blend of Combat Tracking and Battlefield Forensics. The Scout Tracker can certainly track down and capture individuals but more importantly, the Scout Tracker can collect Intelligence value information by locating, following and recording activities on a track-line as well as process and collect impressions and material/evidence found on the track-line.

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Topics Covered

  • Following a Track Line
  • Sign Identification
  • Intelligence/Evidence Gathering
  • Photographing Tracks
  • Recording Track Data

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Expectations and Outcomes

  • Ability to observed Track Signs
  • Ability to follow Track Line
  • Proper Collecting of Track Data
  • Proper Gathering of Intelligence/Evidence

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Scenario Based Training

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Documentation Requirements

If the student desires to carry an issued firearm, it must be a qualified department issue/off-duty firearm.  Students may also carry if you have completed our Pistol-1/CCW and Pistol-2 for pistol carry or Carbine/Rifle-1 and Carbine/Rifle-2 for carbine/rifle carry.  Must also carry an IFAK if carrying a firearm.

Email copy(s) of department qualification(s), previous RATH-Defense [or Raven One-Five] completion certificates before the course to rico.r15eps@rathdefense.com

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See our Packing List:  Tracking Packing List [Bring entire List each day]