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Law Enforcement Tracker-1 Course

Duration: 5 days, 8 hours per day



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This course teaches students how to locate and follow a track-line and collect/record information and evidence found along the track-line.  Students learn how to do this in both rural and urban environments as well as to track in low light/no light conditions.  The students also learn how to use their tracking skills to detect Improvised Explosive Devices (IED).  This course has been confirmed for AZPOST Continuing Credit (40hrs)

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Topics Covered

  • Following a Track Line
  • Sign Identification
  • Intelligence/Evidence Gathering
  • Photographing Tracks
  • Recording Track Data
    • Department Policy will be applied

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Expectations and Outcomes

  • Ability to observed Track Signs
  • Ability to follow Track Line
  • Proper Collecting of Track Data
  • Proper Gathering of Intelligence/Evidence
  • Certificate for applying for AZPOST credit

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Scenario Based Training

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Documentation Requirements

Forward any Department Evidence Collection Policies to rico.r15eps@rathdefense.com

If the student desires to carry a firearm, must be qualified department issue/off-duty firearm; a forward copy of department qualification before the course.  Students may also carry if you have completed our Pistol-1/CCW and Pistol-2 for pistol carry or Carbine/Rifle-1 and Carbine/Rifle-2 for carbine/rifle carry.  Must also carry an IFAK if carrying a firearm.

Student(s) must coordinate with their Department Traning Rep to ensure they will set up training for AZPOST credit, the course may be taken as an individual, but you must bring your own AZPOST form [to get credit your agency/training rep must accept and submit the form].

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See our Packing List:  Tracking Packing List [Bring entire List each day]