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Rifle I

Basic - Learn the fundamentals of semi-automatic carbine shooting

Duration: 1.5 hours classroom, 4 hours range time



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Welcome to Rifle I (or Carbine I for some). Interested in getting to know how to operate and shoot your AR-15 platform carbine more effectively? If you are, this is the class for you! There are many manufactures of the ArmaLite Rifle 15 platform but they all function (for our purposes) the same way. 

This is a beginner's level class but it would also benefit anyone who isn't comfortable with their semi-auto carbine or would like a refresher.

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Topics Covered

Shooting Fundamentals 
*Aiming (sight alignment and sight picture)
*Breathing Control 
*Hold Control
*Trigger Control 

AR-15 operation

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Expectations and Outcomes

This is a fundamentals class where the focus is on the basics of carbine shooting which will equip you to shoot more accurately, efficiently, effectively, and confidently.

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Basic, Rifle

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Documentation Requirements

The instructor requires a copy of your Government Issued ID once you register.

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Eye Protection
Hearing Protection 
AR-15 Platform Carbine
Ammo (at least 200 rounds)
Spare Magazines (recommended)
Sling (recommended)
Gloves (optional)