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Pistol II

Intermediate - Intermediate Level Pistol Shooting Class

Duration: 1.5 hours classroom, 3.5 hours range time



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The Pistol II class is for intermediate pistol shooters. Coming into this class participants should be solid in pistol shooting fundamentals. Pistol I is a prerequisite to take this class. (You may arrange a 1-on-1 time to display your pistol ability to get a waiver for Pistol I)

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Topics Covered

Fundamentals Review
Proper Draw Technique
Fighting Through Malfunctions
Tactical & Combat Reloads
Multi-Target Engagement Techniques
Threat Prioritization
Pistol Manipulation Techniques 

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Expectations and Outcomes

Participants will leave having a solid pistol shooting and handling skillset. They will be more efficient and effective pistol shooters on the range or in armed conflict.

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Documentation Requirements

The instructor requires a copy of your Government Issued ID once you register.

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Eye Protection
Hearing Protection 
200 Rounds of Ammo
Spare Magazines (Required)
Holster (Required)
Pistol Belt (Optional)