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Advanced Tactical Rifle 1


Duration: 8 hours



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This course is open to anyone whether law enforcement, military or armed citizen who has completed the prerequisites (below). Our Instructors will push you to perform your best as an Operator. This course will help you develop the physical and mental abilities needed to drive your rifle in compressed BC/CQB tactics or other high-threat environments.

Performance-Based Training: We use Performance-Based training combined with limited Standards-Based training to help you improve. Our primary focus is on you the student. We will help you step out of your comfort zone and improve your personal performance (skillset) above whatever level you are at today so you can be better, faster, smarter and safer tomorrow.

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Topics Covered

Review of Concepts taught in Fundamental Tactical Rifle

Warrior Mindset

The Never Quit Attitude

Use of Deadly Force,

Behavior Compliant Techniques/Tactics

Tactics vs Strategy

The real Battles in a Gunfight

The F.A.C.T.S System

Combat Stance

CQB Stances

Natural Body Alignment

Integrating Optics for Speed/Accuracy

Target Identification/Discrimination

Trigger Press/Reset

Recoil Management Techniques

Speed Loading, Tactical Loading and Emergency loading

Clear multiple Malfunctions

Weapon Manipulation

Compressed Ready Positions

Weapon Retention Techniques

Fighting/Striking Techniques

Creating Distance

Driving your Rifle

Engaging Multiple Threats

Combat Shooting Body Positions and Alternate Positions

Economy of Motion in Shooting

Shooting from Cover and Concealment

Dynamic MovementMoving and Shooting

CQB Tactics, Footwork and Movement

CQB Angles of Attack,

Slicing, Snapping the 90

How/When to employ Speed, Surprise and Violence of Action

Impact of Stress, Auditory Exclusion, Tunnel Vision and the Human Stress Response

This fast-paced course requires a degree of physical fitness and uses SIT (Stress Inoculation Training) to help shooters prepare and handle the human stress response. This course builds on the skills taught in the Fundamentals of Tactical Rifle and is a prerequisite for our Advanced Combat Rifle 2 course. This training can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your unit or group.

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Advanced, LEO / MIL / SEC Courses, Private Classes (Group / Individual), Rifle

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Documentation Requirements


The instructor requires a copy of your Government Issued ID once you register.

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$25.00 range fee per day for Non 17 South Rod and Gun Club members.  (Only for courses at 17 South)

- Fundamentals of Tactical Rifle or equivalent

First things first, empty your cup. Neither a full cup nor a big ego have room for more. Come with an open-mind and humble spirit ready to learn. Show up physically and mentally prepared to work hard so you can move forward in your learning and skill development. This is a Combat Rifle course so you will get dirty, sweaty and tired. (But it will be so worth it!)

  1. Previous firearms training. Our Fundamental Rifle or equivalent (Certified Law Enforcement Officer’s automatically qualify)

  2. A quality semi-automatic rifle with iron sights and/or optic and a sling.

  3. A quality semi-automatic pistol (iron sights or optic) with a tactical or duty holster.

  4. At least 3 magazines for your rifle.

  5. At least 3 magazines for your pistol with tactical or duty mag pouches.

  6. Tactical or Duty belt

  7. Full tactical kit (helmet, vest, plate carrier, etc) or duty gear if available. Please don’t miss this class just because you don’t have all the gear. We will work with what you have…

  8. Minimum of 500 rounds of quality rifle range ammo.

  9. Minimum of 100 rounds of quality pistol range ammo.

  10. Weather appropriate attire that you don’t mind getting dirty. (Patrol uniforms may get ruined)

  11. Hearing protection and Eye protection

  12. Hydration - Water, Gatorade, etc.

  13. Lunch/Snacks

  14. Small notebook/pen

  15. Brown or tan masking tape (to tape up holes in targets)

    Recommended Items - Hat, Gloves, Electronic ear pro, Knee pads, Sunscreen, bug repellant, weapon cleaning/maintenance kit

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