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About Rick's Firearm Academy of Detroit

Email: detroitccw@gmail.com - - My passion is empowering law-abiding citizens with the knowledge, the skills, and the mindset necessary to defend themselves, their families, and their homes from violent crime.

There is nothing more sacred than feeling safe and secure in one's person. I assist students with their goal of reclaiming their prior state of mind after being subjected to a brutal robbery, a rape, a carjacking, or a home-invasion. For the others, I help them to get ready and to prepare for the worse imaginable event - a violent assault - that can occur at any moment and location.

I became a National Rifle Association (NRA) credentialed Firearms Trainer after being robbed in my own backyard by two armed thugs. I have first-hand experiences about being violated from dangerous criminals. Additionally, I enrolled in a variety of self-defense courses and eventually applied for a Michigan Concealed Pistol License.

After legally carrying a concealed pistol, I became interested in gun rights advocacy. The right to keep and bear a firearm, especially for personal protection, became very important to me. As such, I created a blog entitled, "Legally Armed In Detroit," in which the topics are focused on gun rights, responsible firearm ownership, and personal protection.

My blog, currently over 2,700 posts, has generated a steady stream of local, regional, national, and international media coverage: Legally Armed In Detroit

I have won the following awards:
- 2019 Gun Owners of America Top 10
- 2016 GRPC "Defender of Freedom"
- 2014 MCRGO "Gun Advocate of the Year"
- 2014 MI 2A March Keynote Speaker

Documentary Appearances
- Jordan Klepper Solves Guns (2017)
- The DL: Gun Control's Racist History (2017)
- The DL: Why Women Own Guns (2017)
- The DL: The Right-To-Carry Revolution (2017)
- The DL: Armed In The Age of Terrorism (2017)
- The DL: Gun Rights On Trial (2017)
- USA, Le Pays Qui Arme Ses Enfants (2016)
- Detroit: Armed and Determined (2014)
- Lock n Load: Women of Detroit Are Arming Themselves (2012)

National Speaking Appearances
- 2021 Fox and Friends Appearance
- 2021 Gun Rights Policy Conference (Internet)
- 2020 Gun Rights Policy Conference (Internet)
- 2020 Yahoo News
- 2019 Tucker Carlson
- 2019 Tucker Carlson
- Good Guys W/ Guns in Detroit
- 2019 Gun Rights Policy Conference (Phoenix, AZ)
- 2018 Gun Rights Policy Conference (Chicago, IL)
- 2017 Gun Rights Policy Conference (Dallas, TX)
- 2016 Gun Rights Policy Conference (Tampa Bay, FL)

Michigan Gun Rights Speaking Appearances
- 2021 Second Amendment March/Michigan Capitol
- 2020 Second Amendment March/Michigan Capitol
- 2019 Second Amendment March/Michigan Capitol
- 2018 Michigan Constitutional Rally/Michigan Capitol
- 2018 Michigan March For Our Rights Rally/Michigan Capitol
- 2016 Second Amendment March/Michigan Capitol
- 2015 Second Amendment March/Michigan Capitol
- 2014 Second Amendment March/Michigan Capitol (Keynote)

My current mission is to share my message on gun rights, personal responsibility, and freedom to more audiences. As such, I have focused on accepting more public speaking engagements from groups interested in learning more about personal protection.

If you have a desire to learn, it will be my honor to train you.

If you have a speaking opportunity, please contact me to hear how I can make your event successful.

Courses Taught

CCW, Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Rifle, Shotgun, NRA Courses, In Home Defense Training, Women's Only Courses, Instructor Training Courses, Seminars / Lectures

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NRA Appointed Training Counselor
NRA Chief Range Safety Officer
NRA Membership Recruiter
NRA Range Safety Officer
NRA Certified Firearms Instructor
- Personal Protection I
- Personal Protection II
- Basic Pistol
- Basic Rifle
- Basic Shotgun
- Home Firearm Safety
- Shotgun Shell Reloading
- Metallic Cartridge Shell Reloading

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I bring into the event?

1. Encased and unloaded handgun
2. Safety glasses
3. Hearing protection
4. A positive attitude

All equipment can be bought/rented at range.



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  • GOA's Erich Pratt Speaks About The Importance Of Training Women With Guns In Detroit Area Event

    Erich Patt, from the Gun Owners of America, speaks about the importance of training women with firearms. The GOA has been a sponsor of Rick Ector's firearm training event for several years. Watch the video and hear his motivations in his own words.

  • Rick Ector Talks To Jordan Rumble of Spartan Arms Channel About Being Legally Armed In Detroit

    I had the pleasure of chatting with Jordan Rumble from the Spartans Arm Channel. We chatted for about 15 minutes about my activities in the metro-Detroit and delved into some commentary about the state of the gun rights community today. It was a fun talk to do! You should check it out!

  • How I Became LAID - Legally Armed In Detroit - Armed Robbery Victim to Gun Rights Advocate

    In this video, I tell my story. I recount the events that transformed me from an armed robbery victim into a firearm instructor and gun rights advocate. I don't tell this story much because I would rather tell you how I help, transform, and empower others to take on a more involved role in their personal protection.

  • Rick Ector Publicly Speaks Out Against Red Flag Laws At Recent Southeast Michigan Tea Party Event

    Detroit based gun rights advocate Rick Ector was invited by the Southeast Michigan Tea Party to address its members on the subject of Red Flag Laws.

  • Tucker Carlson Tonight: Legally Armed In Detroit (LAID) - Part One

    Tucker Carlson from Fox News reached out to Rick Ector to talk about being Legally Armed In Detroit (LAID). Ector is an ardent supporter of gun rights and teaches his fellow citizens how to use guns for self-defense. In this episode, we meet one of Ector's students - Alaina - who defended her life and two friends with her 45ACP Glock. We also hear from Ector, and Detroit Police Chief James Craig.

  • Tucker Carlson Tonight: Legally Armed In Detroit (LAID) - Part Two

    Tucker Carlson from Fox News reached out to Rick Ector to talk about being Legally Armed In Detroit (LAID). Ector is an ardent supporter of gun rights and teaches his fellow citizens how to use guns for self-defense. In this episode, we meet one of Ector's students - Marcus - who defended his life and a co-worker from two thugs. We also hear from Ector, and Detroit Police Chief James Craig.

  • Detroit: Armed & Determined

    The NRA came to Detroit and reported on the good folks here, who are willing to defend their families. It was an awesome experience. Check it out!

  • How To Handle A Police Stop While Lawfully Armed

    I was honored to join Freedom Firearms and the Battle Creek Police Department with the production of this public service announcement that gives helpful tips for lawfully armed citizens to follow when stopped by police officers. As mentioned in the video, the focus is not to place blame on any involved parties. The ultimate point is to suggest a protocol such that all involved parties are not injured during the encounter. Additionally, I am mindful of the fact that concealed carriers in all stat

  • CCW Class in Michigan: A .45 With JHPs Is Ideal

    In this video clip Chief Firearms Instructor Rick Ector discusses the ultimate in personal protection - a .45 caliber handgun loaded with Jacketed Hollow Points (JHPs). View clip to also see why you may want to use +P or +P+ ammunition cartridges.