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Advanced Defensive Pistol

Advanced - An opportunity to build on the fundamentals of defensive shooting.

Duration: 30 minutes class time, 3.5 hourse range time.



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Students will be challenged to think through engagements as they move through scenario-based rooms, to consistently apply the fundamentals of safety and defensive shooting, and to shoot or not shoot in multiple situations. Scenarios will include multpile room clearing events.

Egos and feelings will be checked at the door, and returned to students after the class.

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Topics Covered

. Using your most potent weapon, your mind, in every situation for optimum performance
. Applying the fundamentals of safety and defensive shooting on a more advanced basis
. Proper utilization of cover and concealment
. Proper movement and weapons handling around corners and blind spots

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Expectations and Outcomes

Students will gain a higher degree of confidence in their ability to think critically and safely manipulate their weapons in high-stress situations.

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Advanced, Scenario Based Training

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. Eye/ear protection, ball cap recommended.
. Pistol, spare magazines, and 150 rounds minimum.
. Belt, spare magazine holder, and RIGID HOLSTER
(soft or cloth IWB holsters are not recommended!).
. Flashlight