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NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting Instructor

Basic - Become an NRA BOPS Instructor to teach your very own BOPS classes

Duration: 14 hours classroom, 2 hours range



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Instructor-level Discipline-related classes teach shooters experienced in the Discipline how to train the Community, using NRA instructional methods and training materials. processing fee included.

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Topics Covered

  • NRA policies and procedures for Instructors
  • how to conduct discipline specific training
  • what discipline specific content to teach
  • using the Socratic Method
  • how to conduct student evaluations and remediation
  • dealing with the potential legal and ethical issues NRA instructors could be faced with
  • how to conduct evaluation of marksmanship ability & gun handling skills via practical evaluation

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Expectations and Outcomes

To successfully complete the Discipline-related Instructor-level curriculum, the candidate must demonstrate the ability to teach from the discipline-related NRA Lesson Plan using NRA methods. Candidates will be assigned lessons out of the discipline-related Lesson Plans, and asked to teach to the Staff and to the other Candidates. Candidates will need to incorporate teaching principals, teaching methods, training aids, and Total Participant Involvement. Among the items on which candidates will be evaluated are: their ability to follow the NRA lesson plans, ability to instruct on the range, handling of guns using the safe NRA method, marksmanship skills, knowledge of the material, and most importantly - proper ATTITUDE and whole-hearted support of the NRA firearms training program.

A written test is conducted for the NRA Discipline-related training: to pass, the Candidate shall obtain a minimum of 90%, or 85% for Assistant or Apprentice Instructor Candidates.

This is a performance based course meaning that your payment and participation does not guarantee that you will "pass" the training. Your tuition provides you the opportunity to become an NRA Certified Instructor in a Discipline. If a candidate should fail the qualification or evaluation, the candidate may be invited to re-attend an NRA Instructor-level class in the Discipline to be re-evaluated at the discretion of the staff, the scheduling of which would be determined by the Training Counselor.

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Basic, Instructor Training Courses, NRA Courses

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Documentation Requirements

California driving license.
A checklist with instuctions will be provided upon registration.

The instructor requires a copy of your Government Issued ID once you register.

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  1. NRA BOPS Student-Level class (contact me asap if you need to take this class).
  2. NRA Basic Instructor Training (BIT) - included in this package. If you already took the BIT within the past 24 months, a proof of completion will be required. $50 discount will be applied.
  3. NRA BOPS Instructor-Candidate (IC) pre-qualification witnessed by the Training Couselor staff
  4. The IC shall bring his/her own handgun - any caliber, with 150 rounds of target practice ammunition
A checklist with instuctions will be provided upon registration.