New Shooter and SC CWP Combination Class

Basic - This is for new shooters or very inexperienced handgun shooters Learning CWP

Duration: 4 hours classroom, 4 hours range



David. “Terry” Candler

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This is a Private One-On-One class!


1.Teach basic hangun safety and operation.
2. Build confidence in your knowledge and skills.
3. Start handgun skills with basics, close distances, and build upon it.
4. Prepare for CWP carry in daily activities.
5. holster selection and usage.
6. Completing SC CWP course requirements. 

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Topics Covered

Class is broken into two different parts:

Part One classroom
1. Basic Pistol and  Range Safety practices.
2. South Carolina Law for concealed Carry.
3. Basic Handgun grip, stance and trigger control.
4. Proper sight alignment and trigger control.
5. South Carolina Law Test.
6. Self defense deescalation.

Part Two

1. Handgun grip and stance.
2. Single Shot Practice at 3 yards.
3. Single Shot Practice at 5 yards.
4. Single Shot practice at 7 and 10 yards.
5. Douple tap principles at 3, 5, 7, 10 yards.
6. Sight focus and recovery in operation.
7. Completion of 25 shot SC CWP qualification.

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Expectations and Outcomes

1. Confidence in your handgun knowledge and operation.
2. Experience in actually using your handgun.
3. Feedback and assistance one on one to improve your skills.

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Basic, Concealed Carry Training

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Documentation Requirements

Each Student must have a valid SC Drivers License or own properrty in SC for SC CWP.

Instructor includes all necassary paperwork and forms for the class.

Students may prefer to go and get electronic fingerprints and greatly speed CWP processing.

follow link and go here:

you can 1. complete application 2. schedule fingerprints  (Call if interested)

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Bring a pistol or revolver you own and intend to carry.
Bring 250 rounds ammo.
Eye protection such as safety glasses or prescriptions glasses you wear
Hearing Protection ( Ear Plugs, Electronic muffs)
Range bag for equipment.
Shoes appropriate for range wear.
Sunscreen as needed.

Other Requirements:

1. Age 21 years or older
2. Not prohibited from possessing a firearm
3. Resident of South Carolina, or a non-resident who owns property in South Carolina, or military personnel on permanent change of station orders.