Intermediate Skills Drill Course

Intermediate - "8 rounds...good to go!"

Duration: 1 hour



John Falldorf

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Students will participate in a series of timed handgun combative drills.   The drills are designed to increase situational awarness, increase reaction time, and precision marksmanship in the delivering of multiple hits.  This course is shot from a concealed holster position.  The various drills are timed which will help the student evaluate his or her current skill level.  Due to the ammo shortage...only 8 rounds are needed to complete the course.  The course can be repeated should the student decide that their handgun skill needs further improvement (provided that they have more ammo). 

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Topics Covered

Safety briefing. 

Discussion on presenting the handgun from a concealed holster ...various carrying positions are covered.

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Expectations and Outcomes

This is a refresher course for students who have not shot in a while due to the virus lockdown. Students will have a better understanding on how to draw and fire from concealment, delivering mulitple hits accurately on target. 

Students will receive a certificate of achievement at the end of the training session.

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Students must have their own firearm.  No rentals or ammunition sales are available.  Students must have a holster that they can readily draw from.  Students will be drawing from concealment...must have cover garment.  Ammunition required: 8 rounds, although you may shoot more if you wish.
Safety equipment required: eye and hearing protection mandatory.