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Post CCW Skills & Exercises

Intermediate - A follow-up to your CCW training

Duration: 2 hours classroom and 1 hour range time



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Guided simulations and classroom exercises testing CCW and firearms knowledge, followed by live exercises and simulations, including moving and shooting (as appropriate to student skill levels), with close instructor supervision. Perfect for those who have just completed their CCW training and want to know "what's next?"
Taught by a USCCA Training Counselor and by a long-time law enforcement trainer.

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Topics Covered

student response to various defensive scenarios; student ability to access and use their gun in a stressful situation; student ability to determine when to access their gun and when to resolve an encounter through less lethal means; student retention of the fundamentals they learned in their concealed carry class.

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Expectations and Outcomes

Student will better understand their own responses to stressful defensive situations; student will be better able to utilize their firearms in situations beyond traditional square range practice; student will understand the areas where he/she needs more work.

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Intermediate, Scenario Based Training, Virtual Simulation

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Documentation Requirements

Bring your drivers' license

The instructor requires a copy of your Government Issued ID once you register.

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You should have your own firearm in order to take this class.