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Nicholas Cordova

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About Target Hitters

Nicholas Cordova (Nick)

I have been shooting for over 25 years. I started shooting when I was a kid with my family back in Arizona. I started to partake in pistol shooting, steel challenges back in 2004. I then started to get questions from my friends and co-workers about to shoot and how to maintain their own firearms.  After a few years of showing my friends and co-workers my boss and mentor at the time told me he was getting into guns and had some questions about how to shoot better. I told him I could show him and have him hitting targets after a few hours. So, after a few hours of training him he was impressed and said I should start pistol training professionally because I’m a civilian and I would connect well to other civilians.  From there I took calsses for myself to see how different instructors teach. Most where previous Special Operations such as Army Rangers and Delta Force. I felt with the training I received I should should get certified so I became a NRA certified pistol instructor. From there I have been training people how to shoot better and how to break bad habits. I also teach people how to maintain their pistols so their tools will be ready when needed and they will last a life time. I teach groups and one on one training.

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