Low light dynamic pistol


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James Beck

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Statistically most Officer Involved Shootings (OIC) occur in Low or No light situations with officers being at a distinct tactical disadvantage, yet Officers receive little or no formal instruction or training in principals of Low and No Light operation or application in those environments.

Likewise Civilians that carry or use a handgun for protection or for defensive purposes at home take little or no training for Low and No light training and give little consideration for equipment, environments,  home defense and deployment. 

The purpose of this assessment program is to expose the officer / operator to the following Low Light / No Light Flash Light Topics and to compare current available lighting systems with duty or issued equipment and updated / outdated or current techniques in using handheld and mounted light systems.

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Intermediate, Scenario Based Training

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Documentation Requirements

This is NOT a beginnerr class so proof of past training is required

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THis is not a beginners class!  Proof of training from a well known training institution or instructor is required