Handgun 101

Basic - This is a novice class for those with little or no experience with a handgun.

Duration: 6.5 hours



James Beck

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There are no upcoming classes scheduled for this course.

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No drawing from a holster in this class, all work is perfromed from the low ready position. Shooting fundamentals are practiced through the different courses of fire.  Self defense type instruction is emphasized.  Pre-requisite for this class , none.  Rounds fired are up to the student as each student can run the C.O.F. more than once to make sure they understand the reason and the skills they are trying to accomplish.  Minimum rounds fired will be 195

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Topics Covered

This is a beginner class so all topics will include all aspects of proper gun handling and shooting with 2.5 hours of classroom and the balance shooting.

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Expectations and Outcomes

Everyone, no matter how much or how little experience they have, will feel more confidant and knowledgeable with their gun and how to use it defensively.

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Documentation Requirements

A certificate is awaded at the end of class allowing the graduate to take the next level class.

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No open toed shoes or sandals

You will not need a cover garment

No reloaded ammunition